Coffee cup with scattered beans - Japanese design
Unveiling the Extravagance

Explore the Exquisite Contents of Your Gift Box

Welcome to the heart of your Lux Cafe Club Treasure Cove. As you savor these extraordinary brews, let us take you behind the scenes to reveal the stories, nuances, and origins of each selection. Enclosed within your gift box, you will discover:

  • A selection of three meticulously curated 2 oz luxury coffee pouches.
  • A 100g Neuhaus Dark Cocoa Nibs tablet with 70% cocoa, and
  • A round vegan leather coaster adorned with the Lux Cafe Club logo

Discover the Coffees

Ospina Coffee

Delight in the legacy of Colombia's coffee heritage with a cup that offers velvety smoothness and a full-bodied richness.



Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry
Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry

Relish the refined complexity of the Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry and vibrant acidity of this rare gem from Jamaica’s famed Blue Mountains.



Premium Kopi Luwak

Awaken your sense of adventure with the exotic and rare Kopi Luwak renowned for its distinctive production method involving wild civet cats. This coffee was ethically sourced.



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Harmonize Your Senses with Curated Melodies

Symphony in Every Sip: Our Curated Spotify Playlist

Enhance your coffee journey with the perfect accompaniment of sound. Each selected coffee in your journey is paired with a specially curated Spotify playlist, designed to harmonize with its unique flavor profile. These melodies have been carefully chosen to elevate your coffee experience, creating a symphony in every sip.