100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Peaberry

In our unwavering quest for exceptional coffees, Lux Cafe Club proudly introduces a Jamaican gem: The Blue Mountain Peaberry. This limited edition offering is a testament to our commitment to delivering the finest coffee experiences, ensuring that your lively moments are accompanied by the unparalleled richness and flavor that the Blue Mountain Peaberry brings to each cup.

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Jamaica Blue Mountains Coffee

A Journey to Exceptional Flavor

Nestled in the eastern reaches of Jamaica, the Blue Mountains region cradles coffee beans in a gentle embrace of cool climates and misty rains. These beans are nurtured by volcanic soil rich in minerals, elevating the coffee's essence. The altitudes in this region, spanning from 2,000 to 5,000 feet above sea level, contribute to the coffee cherries' leisurely ripening, allowing them to absorb the very soul of the land.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry on Pouch

Clifton Mount's Prized Peaberry Coffee

Savor our carefully curated Blue Mountain Peaberry Arabica from the iconic Clifton Mount Estate, perched 4,200 feet on Catherine's Peak. A coffee haven since the 1790s, it embodies Jamaica's rich coffee legacy. Under the stewardship of the Sharp Brothers, the estate is the exclusive Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee plantation in Jamaica, its authenticity attested by JACRA. The Peaberry beans, a rare gem occurring in only 3%-5% of coffee crops, offer distinctive aromas and flavors, a natural marvel influencing their character from maturation to roasting.

Jamaica Blue Mountains Coffee
Tasting Profile

With this exquisite Blue Mountain Peaberry coffee, you will relish its full aroma, medium acidity, swift finish, and perfectly balanced cup. As a Peaberry, it boasts a touch of sweetness and a well-rounded flavor adorned with delightful notes of chocolate and florals.


Roast Profile:  Medium

Process: Washed