What does Lux Cafe Club do in a nutshell?

At Lux Cafe Club, we specialize in luxury coffee curation, delivering the world's most exquisite specialty coffees right to your doorstep, and offering a unique tasting experience each month.

Why are Lux Cafe Club's selections presented in sample sizes (2 oz per coffee)?

At Lux Cafe Club, we delve into the realm of the rarest and most expensive luxury coffee treasures. Given their exclusive nature, these beans are often in finite supply. By curating them in sample sizes, we grant our discerning members the privilege of embarking on a continuous journey through the world's most coveted coffee experiences, all while ensuring unparalleled value.

How many unique coffee varieties will grace my palate each month with my Lux Cafe Club membership?

Tailored to your chosen membership tier, every month as an esteemed member of our exclusive coffee enclave, you'll savor an exquisite assortment of 2, 4, or 6 unique coffee treasures, each adorned with a cupping score surpassing 90. Each meticulously curated selection guarantees the pleasure of experiencing 5 refined cups, promising a monthly expedition into unparalleled coffee excellence.

Do I have the option to tailor the coffee selections I receive?

Currently, our luxury coffee curation process is meticulously designed to surprise and delight. However, we value the uniqueness of individual palates and are in the midst of crafting a personalized selection feature for our esteemed members. Stay tuned for this upcoming enhancement.

May I select the roast profiles for my coffee selections?

Presently, our approach is inspired by the 'Omakase' philosophy — a revered Japanese tradition where diners entrust chefs with the day's culinary tale — curating a diverse range of roast profiles and origins to enchant your palate. This intentional design ensures each member savors the full spectrum of specialty coffee excellence we offer.

Do you provide ground coffee to your members?

At present, the option for ground coffee is exclusively extended to our esteemed Platinum and Diamond members. In our unwavering commitment to elevate your coffee experience, we highly recommend whole beans for their inherent advantages. Opting for whole beans guarantees prolonged freshness and an enduring flavor profile, as ground coffee tends to relinquish its aroma and taste faster. Embrace the liberty of grinding to your exact preference, crafting a consistently perfect cup. Rest assured, our paramount focus is on bestowing upon our members the utmost quality in every sip.

What is the monthly fee for Lux Cafe Club Membership?

Indulge in our refined offerings with three distinctive membership tiers: Gold, priced at $20, Platinum, available at $40, and the pinnacle of luxury, the Diamond tier, which beckons at $65. For a comprehensive overview of each tier, we invite you to explore the details here.


When is my Lux Cafe Club membership billed?

Your luxury coffee membership is processed at the beginning of each month, prior to the dispatch of your curated coffee ensemble.

What stands as your return policy?

Given the freshly roasted and ephemeral nature of our luxury coffee selections, we gracefully abstain from accepting returns once orders are dispatched. Yet, your delight remains our guiding compass. Should any facet of your membership not meet your refined expectations, kindly reach out to our Coffee Concierge team within 30 days at We are devoted to ensuring your Lux Cafe Club experience resonates with perfection and will endeavor to craft a harmonious resolution.

Can I pause my membership if I'm traveling or have too much coffee?

Absolutely. We understand that sometimes life's rhythms change. You can easily pause your exquisite specialty coffee membership and resume when you're ready to indulge in our curated experiences again.

Is it possible to conclude my Lux Cafe Club membership?

While it would sadden us to see a connoisseur like you depart, you absolutely can. Should you wish to part ways, simply access your personal portal to gracefully conclude your association. Kindly share your thoughts or feedback at, as it would greatly aid our quest for excellence.

Is a refund feasible?

At Lux Cafe Club, your satisfaction with our luxury coffee selection is paramount. If any aspect of your coffee shipment falls short, please reach out within 3 days. We typically grant refunds for orders arriving damaged or due to shipping errors. Please consult our full refund policy [HERE].

It's worth noting that the symphony of flavors in coffee is a personal experience, varying with each discerning palate. While our curation is meticulous, taste perceptions remain individual. A divergence in flavor preference doesn't typically lead to a refund. We encourage your candid feedback on selections, allowing us to further tailor future curations. Should any concerns arise, contact us at, and we'll endeavor to address them.


To which destinations does Lux Cafe Club extend its shipping?

Currently, we dispatch our luxury coffee collections to the contiguous 48 states, as well as Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. We also ship to the following countries: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Other international voyages for our coffee treasures are not yet available.

When can I anticipate the arrival of my Lux Cafe Club selection?

Your handpicked luxury coffee ensemble will swiftly make its way to you within the first 10 days of each month.

Do I bear any shipping costs as a Lux Cafe Club member?

At present, our Platinum and Diamond members enjoy the added luxury of complimentary ground shipping, ensuring a seamless delivery experience within 5-8 days.

May I expedite my Lux Cafe Club delivery?

Certainly. For those moments when anticipation becomes insatiable, expedited shipping for your luxury coffee is available at a nominal fee, presented seamlessly during your sign-up process.

For any inquiries or reflections, kindly engage with us.