Luxe Coffee, Artfully Curated For You

At Lux Cafe Club, our devotion to luxury coffee transcends the ordinary — it's an art, an experience, a ritual. We set out on a global quest for curated specialty coffee, partnering with artisanal roasters, to handpick the world's most coveted specialty coffee gems for you.

Exceptional Coffee, Accessibly Priced

Indulge in Luxury

Each month, Lux Cafe Club curates an exclusive selection of gourmet coffees, showcasing only the finest beans with a cupping score of 90+ or from rare, limited editions. Our expertly chosen tasting flights of 2 oz provide a luxurious yet accessible experience, allowing you to savor exceptional, specialty coffees at an affordable price.


Here, unparalleled quality meets undiluted exclusivity, enhancing every sip, every aroma, every instant, as part of our curated specialty coffee journey.


Exclusive Access to Limited-Edition Specialty Coffees

Become a part of Lux Cafe Club through our unique monthly luxury coffee journey. As a cherished member, you're granted privileged access to a curated collection of exceptional, top-tier specialty coffees sourced from the finest regions worldwide.

With the Platinum tier, Anticipate a monthly surprise of four meticulously packed luxury coffee gems, handpicked to align with your palate. Engage further by rating and reviewing your monthly delights, guiding us in perfecting and elevating your forthcoming luxury coffee adventures.

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I always daydreamed about jet-setting around the world, hunting for the coolest coffee beans out there. But with Lux Cafe Club, it's like the world's coming right to my doorstep! Every pack they send over is like a mini coffee adventure. Seriously, if you're into coffee like I am, this club is the real deal!

— Sarah J, Seattle, WA

As a long-time coffee aficionado, I'm incredibly picky about the beans I purchase. But man, Lux Cafe Club? They've sent me some wicked good stuff from all over the place. Every cup's got its own vibe, and it's like a flavor trip in every sip. Thanks to Lux, I'm tasting brews I didn't even know were out there!

— Chris K, New York, NY

I've been on the hunt for coffees that offer more than just a caffeine kick. Lux Cafe Club delivers just that – a journey into the world of artisanal coffee. The sustainability and ethics behind their choices resonate deeply with me. It's not just coffee; it's an experience.

— Jordan C, Portland, OR

As a barista, I've tasted many coffees, but Lux Cafe Club's selections are on another level. The exclusivity, the narrative, the sheer quality – it's a coffee lover's dream. Every month feels like a coffee-tasting event in my own home. Absolutely thrilled to be a member.

— Alex T, San Francisco, CA

Okay, so I've been to my share of artisanal cafes and tried some pretty unique brews. But getting these rare finds delivered to my door? Lux Cafe Club is like the VIP backstage pass of the coffee world. Total game changer.

— Pedro A, Los Angeles, CA

When I got my Lux box, it was like Christmas morning. Seriously, the flavors are out of this world. Fellow coffee nerds, you've gotta try this!

— Jing X, Atlanta, GA

I used to think lighter roasts were the only 'real' specialty coffees. But Lux opened my eyes to how many incredible medium and dark roasts are out there too. I've discovered so many new flavor combos I would've never tried on my own.

— Raj B, Palo Alto, CA

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