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Olivia W.
Pricey, but worth it!

Lux Cafe Club is definitely pricey for the amount of coffee but for me it's worth it. The quality and variety are unmatched. It's all limited-edition and highly rated coffees. Wholeheartedly recommend it if you can swing it.

Lucas P.
Wish I had more time to enjoy it

The coffees are wonderful but I don't always have time to fully enjoy them, as I'm traveling all the time. That's on me though. When I do have time to savor a cup it's always a lovely experience.

Ethan K.
Shipping issue resolved quickly

USPS lost my shipment - minus 1 point for that even though the coffee are always a treat. I was appreciative that they kept me in the loop and eventually, they decided to send a replacement right away regardless of the outcome from USPS's investigation. A+ for great customer service!

Amelia J.
A treat for any coffee enthusiast

I was a little reluctant to try another subscription, I've tried so many in the past, and often times felt that the coffees were stale or too biiter for me. I started off by buying a few coffees from the Lux website and found them really flavorful, easy to drink - worth the ratings that they boast about. So now, I am on the subscription. So far it's been a great experience -keep you posted in the next few months!

Noah D.
Diamond membership was sold out. Bummer.

I wanted to sign up for the Diamond tier but it was sold out! :( The Platinum tier is still great though - the coffees are always exceptional and the surprise gifts made my day.