Ospina Coffee Dynasty, Gran Café, Premier Grand Cru™

Lux Cafe Club proudly unveils Ospina Coffee Dynasty, Gran Café, Premier Grand Cru™. Ospina Coffee, a five-generation family-owned plantation, stands alone as a paragon of luxury and prestige. We take immense pride in our partnership with Mr. Mariano Ospina III, Chairman, President, and CEO of Ospina Coffee Company.

Colombia World Map- Ospina Coffee
Ospina coffee

From Canopy to Cup

Ospina Coffee's Arabica Typica beans flourish under the sheltering canopy of the tropical forest, reaching unparalleled altitudes up to 7900 feet in the Andes,  Colombia. Remarkably, the meticulous process of working at these lofty altitudes doesn't deter Ospina Coffee's commitment to excellence. Each Arabica Typica bean is handpicked at the peak of ripeness. They undergo a journey of washing, fermentation, and sun drying before being expertly milled and roasted to perfection, embracing a medium roast that preserves their intrinsic qualities.

Elevated Elegance: The Majesty of Dynasty Gran Café

Nestled between 7,250 and 7,500 feet above sea level, amidst the clouds and crisp mountain air, each coffee bean from the Dynasty Gran Café, Premier Grand Cru™, embodies the essence of its lofty surroundings. As we've previously highlighted, elevation is one of the paramount factors influencing the aromatic richness and complexity of the coffee bean.  The journey from these celestial heights to your cup is a meticulous process, where every step is infused with dedication and expertise.

Cup of coffee with a candle next to it
Tasting Profile

This coffee welcomes you with an exuberant and fragrant Azahar, peach, and jasmine aroma. As you delve into the cup, you'll discover its lavish and complex flavor profile, unveiling hints of chocolate, berries, citrus, figs, and chestnuts. The coffee embodies a lush, velvety texture and an immaculate balance. Each sip leaves behind a clean, crisp, fruity, and refreshingly wine-like aftertaste, ensuring that every experience with Ospina Coffee's Dynasty Gran Café is nothing short of extraordinary.


Roast Profile:  Medium

Process: washed