A Symphony of Luxury, An Unforgettable Journey

This holiday season, indulge in the unmatched luxury of 'The Luxe Coffee Odyssey: Holiday Edition.' Embark on an expertly curated journey that showcases five of the world's most exclusive and expensive coffees. Elevate each sip with the accompanying exquisite Neuhaus Belgian chocolates and a selection of music curated to complement your coffee experience. And for an added touch of wonder, await the reveal of hand-curated surprises nestled within your pack.

The Zenith of Specialty coffee

Elegantly Curated Coffee Masterpieces

Begin your odyssey with the renowned Ospina Coffee (Dynasty Gran Café, Grand Cru), traverse through the organic richness of St. Helena Sea Island Coffee, savor the esteemed Panama La Esmeralda Geisha (Private Collection), cherish the Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry, and be intrigued by a mysterious final selection.


Each treasure, offered as whole beans, is cradled in a 2 oz package, unfurling into 30 oz of brewed elegance. This limited edition collection weaves a grand tapestry of flavors, aromas, and auditory delights, culminating in a gift that truly befits the coffee aficionado.

“Lux Cafe Club's dedication to curating the world's most exceptional coffees aligns seamlessly with Ospina's Coffee’s long-standing heritage of producing one of the globe's most revered, luxurious, and prestigious coffees. We're confident that members of Lux Cafe Club will savor and appreciate the distinctive notes and history of Ospina Coffee, a legacy we're proud to be a part of.”
Mariano Ospina, III. - Chairman, President and CEO of Ospina Coffee

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Coffee Connoisseur's Holiday Gift

Seize this chance to elevate your coffee experience with our most exquisite selection of 2023 — before it vanishes.

La Crème de la Crème: The Apex of Specialty Coffee Awaits In One Box

Ospina Coffee Dynasty Gran Cafe, Premier Grand Cru
Ospina coffee

Indulge in the unparalleled prestige of Ospina Coffee's Dynasty Gran Café, Grand Cru. A legacy from Colombia's verdant highlands, this exquisite blend is the culmination of artisanal cultivation, grown at lofty altitudes that endow each bean with a velvety texture and a rich, full-bodied flavor profile, embodying coffee perfection.


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St Helena Island
St Helena coffee

Sip the noble distinction of St Helena Sea Island Coffee, an exclusive selection from the isolated and mystic South Atlantic Ocean islands. This coffee, with its unique volcanic terroir and microclimates, boasts wine-like intricacies and a delicate, luminous quality that elevate it to the pinnacle of coffee elegance and complexity.


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Boquete Panama
Panama Esmeralda Geisha

Surrender to the beguiling charm of Panama Esmeralda Geisha (Private Collection), a treasure cultivated in the fertile highlands of Boquete, Panama. This coffee, known for its extraordinary floral bouquet and jasmine-infused undertones, presents a sensory experience that is both ethereal and grounding.


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Jamaica Blue Mountain
Jamaica Blue Mountain

Relish the distinguished taste of Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry (Certified), a jewel from the lofty Blue Mountains. This certified coffee, cultivated high where the air is crisp, is venerated for its vibrant yet smooth flavor, a luscious balance of bright acidity and a clean finish, making it a paragon of the coffee artisan's craft.


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Still searching for the perfect gift?

Don't look any further! Experience unparalleled luxury with 'The Luxe Coffee Odyssey: Holiday Edition'.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I anticipate the arrival of my Luxe Coffee Odyssey collection?

Your curated selection of coffee indulgences will commence its journey to you in early December, with a promise to be nestled under your Christmas tree in time for the festive celebrations.

What treasures does the Luxe Coffee Odyssey gift pack unveil?

Enclosed within your opulent gift pack are five hand-selected coffee gems, sumptuous chocolates, an elegant postcard, and two meticulously chosen surprise gifts. To enhance your enjoyment, we also include QR codes for exclusive access to curated musical accompaniments and detailed narratives of your coffee selections.

What is the freshness guarantee of the coffee beans?

In partnership with the nation's finest roasters, we ensure your coffee beans are freshly roasted and packaged in November, ready to be dispatched in December. These whole beans retain their peak freshness for up to six months, ensuring a pristine coffee experience.

How can I be assured of the authenticity and quality of the coffees?

At Lux Cafe Club, the authenticity and exquisite quality of our offerings are paramount. We partner exclusively with elite coffee producers celebrated for their exceptional standards and commitment to ethical practices. Each bean is a testament to the luxury it represents, with a price point that underscores its genuine prestige and rarity.

Is it possible to cancel my Luxe Coffee Odyssey order?

Should you need to alter your holiday plans, we offer the flexibility to cancel your order up until December 5th, 2023. Kindly contact us at concierge@luxcafeclub.com before this date to process your cancellation and refund. Please note, after this date, we commence the shipping process and thus cannot accept cancellations.