The Luxe Coffee Odyssey: Holiday Edition

By Lux Cafe Club
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Experience unparalleled luxury with 'The Luxe Coffee Odyssey: Holiday Edition'. This holiday pack is your passport to a curated voyage through five of the globe's most exclusive coffees: Ospina Coffee (Dynasty Gran Café, Grand Cru), St. Helena Sea Island Coffee, Panama Esmeralda Geisha (Private Collection), Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry (Certified), and a tantalizing mystery coffee. Each treasure, offered as whole beans, is cradled in a 2 oz sampler (unfurling into 30 oz of brewed elegance), designed to elevate your tasting experience. Complementing this aromatic journey are the finest Neuhaus Belgian chocolates and curated musical pairings, elevating each sip to perfection. To add a touch of unexpected delight, another hand-curated surprise awaits. This limited-edition collection promises not just a sensory experience, but a tapestry of flavors, aromas, sounds, and mystery — truly the epitome of gifts for the discerning coffee lover.