Santuario Peru

Lux Cafe Club proudly offers the Santuario Peru Coffee, an exquisite blend from the esteemed San Ignacio region, renowned for its sustainable coffee craftsmanship. This wonderful coffee carries the legacy of Peruvian heritage in every sip. With a light-medium roast and a creamy, balanced profile, it has earned a remarkable 93 points, a testament to its superior quality.

The Cradle of Peruvian Coffee Craftsmanship

Celebrating San Ignacio

Peru's San Ignacio region, with its rich coffee-producing heritage, celebrates its deep-rooted coffee culture through vibrant festivals marking the harvest's end. This lush area, nestled between 1600-1800 meters, practices sustainable agriculture, valuing crop diversity to enrich the ecosystem and enhance soil health. The combined 15-hectare coffee farms of producers Fredeslina Jimenez, Percy Huaman, and Jose Reyes reflect a commitment to education and continual improvement in quality and environmental stewardship. San Ignacio's coffee is a testament to tradition and sustainability.

A Celebration of Coffee and Culture

Santuario Peru Coffee

Nurtured at elevations between 1600-1800 meters in Peru's San Ignacio, a selection of Catimor, Pache, Caturra, Bourbon, and prized Geisha coffee cherries thrive. These varieties benefit from the crisp highland air, developing complex flavors. Post-harvest, the cherries undergo a meticulous washed process, dried gracefully on raised beds and patios to preserve their natural sweetness and silky body. This careful attention to elevation and processing crafts a coffee with a round acidity that's celebrated and eco-consciously produced.

Tasting Profile

The Santuario Peru Coffee presents a deep-toned, richly chocolaty essence, with layers of dark chocolate and sweet cherry dominating the palate. Subtle notes of date, pear, and a floral hint of narcissus weave through the aroma and cup, complemented by an undercurrent of almond and brown sugar. This coffee features a sweet, balanced acidity and a creamy mouthfeel, culminating in a sweet-toned finish adorned with enduring dark chocolate and almond nuances.


Roast Profile: Light-Medium 

Process: Washed