Roaster's Masterpiece: Organic French Roast

Lux Cafe Club proudly presents a rare gem: a roaster’s masterpiece. This organic French roast is nothing short of extraordinary, where the mastery of bean selection and the art of roasting converge to create a perfectly balanced dark roast. Achieving an impressive score of 92 points in 2020, this exquisite coffee continues to uphold its exceptional rating to this day.

Inspiration at its finest

Masterfully Crafted, Uniquely Complex

Our master roaster meticulously crafted this blend with a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to quality. By selecting two beans that thrive under darker roasts, the roaster aimed to create a harmonious balance of sweetness and complexity. Through a careful process, the beans from Timor, Indonesia, and Nicaragua were combined, each contributing unique characteristics. The result is a dark and intense cup, rich with intricate layers of spice and chocolate, far surpassing the typical French roast. Utilizing a washed process, our roaster ensured that each bean's distinct qualities were preserved, delivering an extraordinary coffee experience.

Tasting Profile

Discover the captivating flavors of this dark roasted blend, where dark chocolate torte and spice-toned florals harmonize beautifully. This fair-trade, organic coffee offers deep chocolaty notes, gardenia, gently scorched oak, red apple, and hazelnut butter. With a bittersweet structure, gentle acidity, and satiny-smooth mouthfeel, the finish is crisp and richly drying, leaving a lingering impression of dark chocolate and oak in every sip.


Roast Profile:  Dark

Process: Washed