Peru Gilmer Cordova #13

Lux Cafe Club introduces the acclaimed Peru Gilmer Cordova #13, a 95-point coffee from 2023, cultivated at Finca Ecológica Agua Colorada in Cajamarca's lush highlands. Led by Gilmer Mejia, this farm emphasizes sustainable practices to produce a coffee with a light roast, washed processing, and a rich tasting profile featuring dessert-like sweetness, vibrant tropical notes, and a delicate, sparkling acidity, offering an unparalleled sipping experience.

Cultivating Coffee with Passion and Purpose

Finca Ecológica Agua Colorada

This Peruvian coffee hails from Finca Ecológica Agua Colorada, nestled in the rich coffee-growing region of Cajamarca, Peru. This 7-hectare plot was acquired in 1990 by Filadelpo Cordova Mejia and is now under the innovative stewardship of his son, Gilmer Mejia. The farm is dedicated to cultivating Caturra among other common varietals, prioritizing sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Its high altitude of 1850 meters above sea level contributes to the unique quality of the coffee produced in this verdant and biodiverse area.

The Artful Journey of Peru Gilmer Cordova #13 Coffee

The Peru Gilmer Cordova #13 coffee undergoes a meticulous washed processing method, emphasizing the clarity and purity of its flavors. After carefully hand-picking the ripe cherries under the shade-grown canopy of Finca Ecológica Agua Colorada, they are depulped and washed to remove the mucilage. This crucial step, conducted with precision, enhances the coffee's intrinsic qualities, leading to a clean, vibrant cup. The dedication to sustainable practices extends to the use of organic compost and guano as fertilizers, ensuring the farm's environmental harmony and the coffee's exceptional quality.

Tasting Profile

The tasting profile of the Peru Gilmer Cordova #13 coffee is a symphony of dessert-like sweetness and intricate flavors. It opens with a spice-toned floral aroma, leading into a palate of peach, pineapple, and papaya, creating a tropical fruit medley. The acidity sparkles, reminiscent of fine champagne, while the body is as soft and inviting as a marshmallow. It concludes with a lingering finish of honey and lavender, leaving a sophisticated and memorable aftertaste that beckons for another sip.


Roast Profile:  Light

Process: Washed