Membership Reopens: A World of Luxury Coffee Beckons

After a sold-out 2023, Lux Cafe Club is delighted to announce the reopening of our Platinum membership for a select few. In our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of luxury and exclusivity, we can only welcome a limited number of new members. Join us now, and be part of this exclusive coffee connoisseurship.

Elevate Your Coffee Experience with Our Membership

Unparalleled Coffee Privileges Await

Lux Cafe Club offers a luxurious coffee experience:

  • Monthly sensory adventure with exploration, excitement, and mystery
  • Team curates top-tier coffees rated 90+ by Q-Graders (i.e., the coffee tasting experts)
  • Exclusive curated box with new mystery coffees every month
  • Coffees conveniently offered in 2 oz sizes for a tasting flight
  • Explore various flavors without committing to a full-sized bag
  • Exclusive privileges for Lux Cafe Club members
  • Curated music playlists, surprise gifts, and personalized AI Coffee Sommelier
  • Three membership tiers available for an elevated coffee journey

Elevate Your Coffee Game

Step into a realm where luxury and passion for coffee converge in every cup. With Lux Cafe Club, your devotion to coffee is rewarded with an unmatched selection of the world's finest brews. Don't just love coffee; become part of a legacy that celebrates the art of luxury coffee curation.

"“Lux Cafe Club's dedication to curating the world's most exceptional coffees aligns seamlessly with Ospina's Coffee’s long-standing heritage of producing one of the globe's most revered, luxurious, and prestigious coffees. We're confident that members of Lux Cafe Club will savor and appreciate the distinctive notes and history of Ospina Coffee, a legacy we're proud to be a part of.”

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Personalized Specialty Coffee Recommendations

The future of personalized coffee recommendations is on the horizon. Our intuitive AI sommelier fine-tunes to your palate, ensuring every brew is a revelation. As you rate and share your preferences in specialty coffee, our intelligent system learns and adapts, ensuring that each subsequent selection is even more aligned with your palate, and potentially introducing new favorites, refining your coffee adventure to unparalleled precision.


Those with access to the ChatGPT's App Store can access an early release of our Specialty Coffee Sommelier here.

Refine Your Coffee Palette

Enter a realm where the finest coffees stand alone, each hand-selected for unparalleled quality and distinctive profiles. Lux Cafe Club extends an invitation to a community of connoisseurs, where every cup unveils the rare and extraordinary.