Hawaii Kona Classic

Introducing the 2023 Kona Classic Medium, a distinguished coffee that has garnered a 94-point rating from Coffee Review. Sourced from the lush Darnall Estate in Holualoa, perched on the Hualalai Volcano slopes, this coffee is a masterpiece of cultivation and innovation. With a medium roast and a blend of washed and honey-processed Typica beans, it offers a smooth, rich profile with notes of toasted coconut, hazelnut, and a hint of citrus, redefining the traditional Kona experience.

Darnall Estate

The Heart of Kona's Coffee Paradise

Darnall Estate, a sprawling 46-acre farm nestled in Holualoa, thrives at the comfortable elevation of 1,500 feet on the lush slopes of the Hualalai Volcano. This prime location in the heart of Kona's coffee belt benefits from the potent volcanic soil, ideal for cultivating the renowned Typica coffee variety. The estate's unique position, coupled with the rich Hawaiian coffee heritage, enables the production of coffee that embodies the essence of Kona, making it a distinguished name in the world of specialty coffee.

Re-inventing the Kona Classic

The Kona Classic from Darnall Estate is an exquisite reinterpretation of the traditional Kona coffee, blending Typica variety beans processed through both washed and honey methods. This innovative approach has captivated blind assessors, earning it high acclaim. After harvest, each bean is meticulously sorted and fermented, then either washed or honey-processed and sun-dried to ensure consistent moisture. This unique combination of techniques and the roasters' expertise have reinvented and elevated the beloved Kona classic to new heights of sophistication.

Tasting Profile

This 2023 Kona Classic boasts a soft and sweet profile, highlighted by a delightful interplay of toasted coconut and hazelnut flavors, with a subtle undertone of citrus adding a refreshing twist. Its finish is exceptionally smooth, leaving a lasting impression of harmony and richness. The cup is characterized by a raw chocolate depth, intertwined with the exotic sweetness of dried coconut, culminating in a sweetly rich, crisply chocolaty, and spice-toned aftertaste.


Roast Profile:  Medium

Process: Washed, Honey