Kenya Kagunyu, AA

Lux Cafe Club is thrilled to present the Kenya Kagunyu, a coffee that ascends from a previous rating of 93 in 2023 to an impressive 94 points in February 2024. Celebrating the intricate dance of smallholder farmers' dedication at the Kagunyu Factory, this coffee is a symphony of community, culture, and craftsmanship. With each hand-picked cherry delivering a story of its own, Kenya Kagunyu stands as a testament to the elegance and excellence embedded in every bean, promising a tasting experience that's as enriching as its origins.

The Pride of Smallholder Farmers

Nyeri County's Coffee Elegance

The Kenya Kagunyu coffee, with its origins in the fertile Nyeri County, is not just a product but a reflection of a unique coffee culture. This region's coffee culture is deeply rooted in the community efforts of 595 producers at the Kagunyu Factory. Farmers meticulously deliver the freshly harvested cherries by hand on the very day they are picked, presenting them in pillowcases for initial sorting. This intimate process of spreading out the harvest for hand-selection and preliminary size separation, augmented by flotation techniques, ensures precise calibration of the pulper to accommodate the cherries' varying sizes, safeguarding the integrity and quality of each bean in this artisanal journey from tree to cup.

Kenya Kagunyu Coffee Artistry

Cradled in the verdant highlands of Nyeri County, Kenya, the exquisite Kenya Kagunyu coffee flourishes at elevations of 5324 to 5577 feet. This elevation, along with Nyeri's volcanic soil and temperate climate, sets the stage for the cultivation of the exceptional SL-28 and SL-34 varieties, as well as Ruiru 11 and Batian. These elements combine to produce a coffee of remarkable distinction, carrying the AA certification. This coffee undergoes a fully washed process and is then carefully dried on raised beds, a method that ensures the integrity of its delicate flavors. Renowned for its unique notes of currant and berry, this coffee is a shining example of Kenyan coffee 


Lux Cafe Club-Kenya Kagunyu AA
Tasting Profile

This coffee unveils a rich tapestry of flavors with notes of black cherry, red currant, maple, cranberry, and tangerine, enveloped in a plush body and sweet-tart acidity. It's a complex, deep-toned delight that brings forth red currant, cocoa nib, and tangerine, layered with fresh-cut oak and marjoram both in aroma and cup. The bright, juicy structure is enhanced by a unique phosphoric acidity, leading to a crisp, syrupy mouthfeel. The finish resonates with the core notes of red currant and cocoa nib, promising a truly immersive tasting experience.


Roast Profile:  Light-Medium

Process: Washed