Ethiopia Shantawene Abore Coffee - Washed

Indulge in a delightful surprise tailor-made for our coffee connoisseurs! Embark on an enchanting journey that beckons us to the enchanting landscapes of Ethiopia. Immerse your senses in the exquisite notes of the Shantawene Abore (washed), which, after undergoing a meticulous cupping process in October 2023, has garnered an exceptional score of 96 out of 100, a resounding testament to its unparalleled excellence.

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Shantawene Village

A Flavorful Journey Through Centuries of Coffee Mastery

Tucked within the picturesque Sidama Region of Ethiopia, known as the heart of Ethiopian coffee, lies the charming village of Shantawene. Surrounded by the villages of Bombe and the imposing Bombe mountain, this area is blessed with abundant water, creating ideal coffee-growing conditions.  In this enchanting setting, a harmonious interplay emerges between untamed and cultivated coffee plants, weaving a distinctive fabric of flavors. Termed as "landrace," these age-old coffee bushes bear varietals nurtured across generations, giving rise to coffees acclaimed for their truly exceptional and enduring flavor profiles.  

Ethiopia Shantawene Abore- Washed

A Sun-Kissed Symphony in Your Cup

Savor the exquisite Shantawene Abore Coffee, nurtured on nearly 500 specialized small farms surrounding the idyllic Shantawene village. At elevations ranging from 1920 to 2020 masl (6299 to 6628 feet), meticulous handpicking ensures only the finest cherries. Delivered to the Abore washing station, they undergo a precise washed (wet) processing, followed by sun-drying on raised beds until achieving an optimal moisture level of around 10%. This impeccable flavor profile is a testament to the careful processing and the Sidamo region's exceptional soil, favorable climate, and lofty altitude.  

Ethiopia Shantawene Abore- Washed
Tasting Profile

Savor the elegance of a washed Ethiopian coffee, with delightful fruit and floral notes dancing across your palate. You'll enjoy hints of peach, jasmine, and white tea mingling with a mellow sweetness. The flavor profile balances a bright, juicy acidity with deeper bittersweet tones of citrus and cocoa. Let the symphony of stone fruits, bright citrus, and chocolate nib flavors delight your senses. This classically crafted coffee is an artisanal experience for any coffee lover.


Roast Profile:  Light

Process:  Washed