Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Coffee

Introducing the exquisite Ethiopia Kayon Mountain coffee, a masterpiece awarded 95 points in November 2023, now proudly presented by Lux Cafe Club. Sourced from the esteemed Kayon Mountain Farm in Ethiopia's Guji region, this light-roasted gem is a testament to traditional craftsmanship and natural processing. Cultivated at altitudes of 6230-7200 feet and embodying the rich heritage of heirloom Ethiopian varietals, this coffee offers an unparalleled journey into the heart of Ethiopia's coffee culture.

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Kayon Mountain Farm

The Ethiopia Kayon Mountain coffee originates from the Kayon Mountain Farm, managed by Ismael Hassen Aredo and his family, located in the Guji region, roughly 510 kilometers south of Addis Ababa. At an altitude of 1900-2200 meters above sea level, the farm spans 500 hectares, cultivating heirloom Ethiopian varietals. With a commitment to the community, the farm offers higher wages and supports local infrastructure, embodying a blend of traditional practices and social responsibility in the heart of Ethiopia's renowned coffee belt.

Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Coffee

The Essence of Ethiopian Coffee

The Ethiopia Kayon Mountain coffee is celebrated for its natural processing method, a technique that meticulously preserves the bean's inherent qualities. After harvesting, the ripe cherries are laid out on raised beds, allowing them to dry under the Ethiopian sun. This process, which can take several weeks, requires constant attention to ensure even drying. The beans, still encased in their fruit, develop a complexity of flavors as they slowly ferment. This traditional method highlights the coffee's origin, showcasing the artisanal care and natural beauty of Ethiopian coffee processing.

Tasting Profile

The tasting profile of Ethiopia Kayon Mountain coffee is a vibrant tapestry of flavors, marked by a lively, vibrant acidity that dances on the palate. Each sip reveals a symphony of watermelon and blueberry notes, harmoniously intertwined with subtle hints of orange. The body is jammy, offering a rich and satisfying mouthfeel that leads to a surprisingly delicate finish of milk chocolate. This light roast delicately balances fruitiness with sweetness, crafting a cup that is as complex as it is refreshing.


Roast Profile:  Light

Process: Natural