El Salvador El Mirador

The El Salvador El Mirador coffee, a 93-point marvel of 2023, originated from the esteemed Mapache Estate in Apaneca Ilamatepec. Cultivated by the Handtke family, this medium-light roast Pacamara varietal is a testament to sustainable excellence. Its natural processing at Casa de Zinc unveils a symphony of candied pecan, lemon, and caramel apple flavors, embodying the rich heritage and renaissance of Salvadorean coffee.

El Salvador's El Mirador from Mapache Estate

Reviving Riches of El Salvador

El Salvador El Mirador coffee originates from Casa de Zinc, part of the Mapache Estate, nestled in the Apaneca Ilamatepec mountains of El Salvador. This estate is a beacon of the country's coffee renaissance, led by Jancarlo and Sofia Handtke, fifth-generation coffee producers committed to sustainable and meticulous cultivation. With a history deeply entwined with El Salvador's coffee legacy, the estate's 40-year-old Pacamara trees thrive in rich, volcanic soil, shielded by natural windbreakers, embodying the resilience and revival of Salvadorean coffee.

The Artful Process Behind El Mirador Coffee

The El Salvador El Mirador coffee undergoes a meticulous natural processing method, ensuring each bean's inherent flavors are preserved and enhanced. Cherries are handpicked with precision, selecting only the ripest for processing. The estate's modern, eco-friendly milling station plays a crucial role, washing and drying the coffee on clay patios. Emphasizing sustainability, the station recycles water and repurposes coffee pulp as compost, showcasing a commitment to environmental stewardship in coffee production.

Tasting Profile

The El Salvador El Mirador coffee presents a rich tapestry of flavors in its medium-light roast. The cup brims with the sweetness of candied pecan, complemented by zesty lemon and the comforting essence of caramel apple. Its acidity sparkles with the crispness of a fresh apple, enhancing the overall tasting experience. The coffee's body is luxuriously creamy, providing a smooth canvas for the flavors to unfold. The finish is elegantly rounded off with a subtle almond touch, leaving a lasting impression.


Roast Profile:  Medium-Light

Process: Natural