DR Congo Mukwinja

Lux Cafe Club introduces the esteemed DR Congo Mukwinja coffee, a standout offering from South Kivu's lush landscapes. Cultivated by dedicated smallholder farmers and processed with meticulous care, this exceptional coffee has been honored with a 93-point rating by coffee connoisseurs. Its remarkable quality and sustainable production practices highlight the rich coffee heritage of the Democratic Republic of Congo, making each cup a celebration of craftsmanship and community.

Where Elevation Meets Dedication

Savor the Spirit of South Kivu

Nestled in the heart of South Kivu, DR Congo, the Mukwinja farm stands as a testament to the resilience and dedication of 699 smallholder farmers. Perched at elevations of 1500-2000 meters, these lush lands are nurtured by the Virunga Coffee Company, transforming the region into a specialty coffee haven despite its historical challenges. The Kalehe region, with its rich volcanic soil and optimal climate, is rapidly emerging as a beacon of quality and sustainability in the coffee world, embodying the true spirit of Congolese coffee craftsmanship.

From Highland Blossoms to Your Cup

DR Congo Mukwinja Coffee

In the fertile highlands of South Kivu, DR Congo, the Mukwinja farm cultivates Bourbon and Typica coffee cherries at elevations ranging from 4900 to 6500 feet. These cherries are carefully harvested from smallholder farms, then undergo a meticulous washed process. Post-harvest, they are laid out to dry on raised beds, ensuring a pure and clean cup. This elevation, combined with the diligent processing method, optimizes the cherries' natural potential, contributing to the exceptional quality of the final coffee product.

Tasting Profile

The DR Congo Mukwinja coffee captivates with a balanced, spice-toned profile that is both rich and intricate. Its aroma and cup brim with the warmth of ginger snaps, complemented by the subtle sweetness of nectarine and the depth of cocoa nib. Jasmine and cherry wood notes add a delicate complexity. With a briskly sweet acidity and a smooth, lightly syrupy mouthfeel, the finish leaves a memorable, cocoa-toned impression, underscored by ginger snap nuances.


Roast Profile: Light 

Process: Washed