Costa Rica La Candelilla Geisha Natural 

Lux Cafe Club is excited to present a delicacy  from La Candelilla Estate in Costa Rica's Tarrazú: a Geisha Arabica coffee, celebrated for its nuanced flavors of kiwi, red plum, vanilla, and a hint of lime acidity. Grown on the historic Finca Palmilera, this light roast, was rated 94 points by Coffee Review in February 2024, promising an unparalleled tasting experience to coffee aficionados.  

Costa Rica's First Independent Mill

La Candelilla Estate: Coffee Meets Heritage

Nestled in Costa Rica's Tarrazú highlands, La Candelilla Estate and Coffee Mill is a picturesque spot steeped in natural beauty. Named after the local fireflies, this estate sits near San Marcos and is blessed with the perfect coffee-growing conditions: fertile volcanic soil, high elevation, and a mild climate. Owned by the Sánchez siblings, La Candelilla boasts the first independent mill in the country, born from a family's unity during the 1997 coffee crisis. This harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and resilience continues to define their legacy, producing some of the most exquisite coffees in the world.

Costa Rica La Candelilla Geisha -Natural
Coffee Artistry at Its Best

The Exquisite La Candelilla Geisha Coffee 

At 1500m in Costa Rica's Tarrazú, La Candelilla Estate has married tradition with innovation for over 20 years. Here, the Sánchez family, particularly, Didier and Pablo Sánchez, dedicate themselves to the art of coffee cultivation on their 15-hectare plot known as Finca Palmilera. The estate's commitment to quality shines in their Geisha Arabica coffee, beginning with the selective handpicking of ripe cherries. These cherries are then carefully sorted and laid out on sunlit raised beds and patios to dry for 20 days. This meticulous process, from cherry selection to drying, results in a Geisha coffee renowned for its exceptional taste and quality.

Tasting Profile

Savor the vibrant burst of kiwi sweetness, complemented by red plum richness and a hint of vanilla, all balanced with a zesty lime acidity. This Costa Rica Geisha, discovered in the stunning Talamanca Mountains, is a treasure trove of flavors, from stone fruit and citrus to subtle cocoa nib, delicate florals, and sweet herbs. Its elegantly fruit-forward, citrusy-sweet profile makes every sip an unforgettable experience.


Roast Profile:  Light

Process: Natural