Colombia Luna Azul

Introducing the exquisite Colombia Luna Azul coffee, rated an impressive 94/100. Cultivated on Villa Lucia by the innovative Andrés Cardona in Antioquia's Santa Bárbara, this "Blue Moon" coffee embodies the peak of excellence. Andrés' relentless pursuit of unique processing methods shines through in every cup, offering a rare and captivating coffee experience that reflects the heart and soul of Colombian coffee culture.

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The Andrés Cardona Story

Innovation Brews at Villa Lucía

Embracing the legacy of his coffee-farming lineage, Andrés Cardona breathes innovation into Villa Lucía. From his formative years, Andrés has been enmeshed in the art of coffee, now steering his uncle's farm towards experimental horizons. A fervent participant in the Young Producer Program, Andrés epitomizes the spirit of the initiative, mentoring aspiring coffee entrepreneurs. His relentless quest for distinctive coffee profiles, showcased in the Luna Azul, marries tradition with pioneering processing techniques, setting a new standard in the coffee domain.

Luna Azul Coffee

A Symphony of Sweetness and Craft

Luna Azul coffee undergoes a unique Black Honey process, beginning with a week of fermentation in cherry within open tanks, followed by depulping sans water, preserving the mucilage for a sweeter flavor profile. The beans are then meticulously spread on raised beds, drying for 1-3 weeks depending on the farm's weather, aiming for an 11% moisture content. Cultivated in Santa Bárbara, Antioquia, at an elevation of 1650 masl, and harvested from November to March, Luna Azul is a product of Colombia and Castillo varietals, delivering an exquisite coffee experience.

Tasting Profile

Luna Azul's tasting profile is a rich tapestry of deep, fruit-forward flavors, blending black cherry, chocolate fudge, and tangerine zest with amber and cedar notes. Its vibrant acidity and syrupy body lead to a sweet-tart cherry finish, complemented by aromas of berry jam and flavors of cherry limeade, blood orange, and cranberry, culminating in a dark chocolate aftertaste.


Roast Profile:  Light

Process: Black Honey