Colombia Fudam Nariño

Lux Cafe Club delights in presenting the Colombia Fudam Nariño, acclaimed with 94 points. Cultivated in Nariño's fertile highlands by the Comon Yaj Noptic Cooperative, this coffee flourishes in the Andes' unique ecosystem. Celebrating the rich Colombian coffee tradition, it's a tribute to the Castillo and Colombia Arabica varietals. Experience this outstanding brew, a testament to Lux Cafe Club's commitment to exceptional coffee.  

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Colombia Fudam Nariño's Coffee Legacy

Excellence from La Union's Lush Highlands

The Colombia Fudam Nariño coffee is meticulously cultivated in the verdant highlands of La Union, nestled within the Nariño region of Colombia. Sourced from the Comon Yaj Noptic Cooperative, the coffee thrives on the slopes of the Andes, where the unique microclimate and fertile soil contribute to its distinctiveness. The plantation, ranging in altitude from 1500 to 2200 meters, is home to the prized Castillo and Colombia Arabica varietals, reflecting the region's rich coffee-growing heritage and commitment to excellence.

Mastering the Art of Washed Processing

The Colombia Fudam Nariño coffee undergoes a meticulous washed processing method, a technique that emphasizes clarity and purity of flavor. After harvesting, the ripe coffee cherries are depulped to remove the outer fruit layer. The beans are then fermented to break down the remaining mucilage, a critical step that enhances their intrinsic qualities. Following fermentation, the beans are thoroughly washed to remove any residues, ensuring a clean cup. This traditional approach, combined with careful drying, preserves the coffee's natural attributes and showcases the artisanal craftsmanship of Colombian producers.

Tasting Profile

The Colombia Fudam Nariño offers a symphony of flavors, with a richly sweet-tart profile that delights the senses. Its aroma is a complex bouquet, featuring red plum and almond nougat, complemented by subtle notes of marjoram and cedar. On the palate, it unfolds layers of star jasmine, seamlessly transitioning into a sweetly nuanced aftertaste where almond nougat takes center stage. This coffee's bright acidity and syrupy-smooth mouthfeel culminate in a memorable tasting experience that lingers long after the last sip.


Roast Profile:  Light

Process: Washed