Burundi Nkanda #7

Lux Cafe Club presents the revered Nkanda #7, a Burundian gem rated 92 by Q-graders, embodying the collective artistry of over a thousand farmers from Ngozi's Tangara commune. This 100% Red Bourbon variety unveils a tapestry of flavors from cranberry mojito to black cherry, all nestled within a silky body and juicy acidity. A medium-light roast accentuates its intricate tasting journey, making Nkanda #7 a pinnacle of artisanal coffee craftsmanship.

Craftsmanship Meets Exceptional Quality

Burundi's Hidden Gem

The Nkanda #7 coffee originates from the serene Tangara commune in the Ngozi Province of northern Burundi. This unique coffee is the result of the collective efforts of 1,253 dedicated smallholder farmers who meticulously tend to their coffee plants. Contributing their ripe coffee cherries to the locally esteemed Nkanda washing station, managed by Pierre Nzeyimana, each farmer plays a crucial role in crafting the distinctive profile of this coffee. The region is renowned for its fertile soil and favorable climate, which are ideal for producing high-quality coffee.

Nkanda #7: Artisanal Red Bourbon Bliss

With the Nkanda #7 coffee, you will embark on a remarkable journey from cherry to cup, beginning with precise pulping, followed by a distinctive double fermentation process that encompasses both wet and dry phases, each lasting 12 to 18 hours. This diligent approach accentuates the coffee's innate flavors, ensuring a profound and layered profile. The beans are then washed and meticulously dried on raised beds over 15 to 20 days, reaching the ideal moisture level. Cultivated at elevations between 5643 and 6234 feet, this 100% Red Bourbon variety is renowned for its harmonious buttery sweetness and complex fruit nuances, showcasing the artistry of Burundi's coffee heritage.

Lux Cafe Club - Burundi Nkanda #7
Tasting Profile

Nkanda #7 coffee weaves a vibrant array of flavors, from the tangy zest of cranberry mojito to the mellow sweetness of honeydew melon, enriched by the depth of blackberry jam. Cucumber and basil add an unexpected twist of freshness, while cocoa, lilac, and black cherry deepen the aroma. Brown sugar and fresh-cut oak round out the profile, creating a smooth body and a juicy acidity that promises a luxurious and intricate tasting journey.


Roast Profile:  Light-Medium

Process: Washed