Westrock Coffee Stock Dips 6.2% Amid Trading Volume Decline

Westrock Coffee Stock Dips 6.2% Amid Trading Volume Decline

Westrock Coffee’s stock price experienced a notable decline of 6.2% on Thursday, dropping to a low of $1.85 before closing at $1.97. This decrease occurred amidst a significant reduction in trading volume, with only 5,913 shares changing hands compared to the average session volume of 9,998 shares—a decline of 41%. Prior to this drop, the stock had closed at $2.10. The company’s 50-day moving average price stood at $2.28, while the 200-day moving average price was $2.22, indicating a downward trend in recent performance.

Westrock Coffee Company, LLC operates in the United States and internationally as a comprehensive provider of coffee, tea, flavors, extracts, and ingredient solutions. The company is divided into two segments: Beverage Solutions, which includes branded and private label coffee packaging and extract solutions for cold brew and ready-to-drink applications, and Sustainable Sourcing & Traceability (SS&T), which focuses on sustainable sourcing practices.

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