Rise + Grind - The Mobile Coffee Shop Brewing Community Spirit

Rise + Grind - The Mobile Coffee Shop Brewing Community Spirit

Alicen Breaux, an experienced entrepreneur from Bayou Gauche, has embarked on a new venture with her family—a mobile coffee trailer named Rise + Grind. Launched with a grand opening at the St. Charles Parish Courthouse, the trailer has been gaining significant community support. The mobile shop offers a variety of beverages including lattes, loaded teas, and fresh lemonade, catering to both adults and children. Beyond serving delicious drinks, Breaux's innovative business model focuses on mutual support among local businesses. By partnering with different establishments across the parish, the coffee trailer aims to drive customer traffic mutually beneficially. Breaux's inspiration came from a friend who owned a similar coffee trailer and her desire to provide a flexible job opportunity for her teenage son. A native of the area, Breaux leverages her background in network marketing and previous business ventures to make Rise + Grind a community-centric success. The trailer's schedule is regularly posted on its Facebook page to keep patrons informed of its locations.

Breaux's mobile coffee trailer blends community support with entrepreneurial spirit.

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