Reborn Coffee - Brewing Success with Innovation and Global Expansion

Reborn Coffee - Brewing Success with Innovation and Global Expansion

Reborn Coffee, Inc. (NASDAQ: REBN), based in Orange County, California, is a specialty coffee roaster and retailer known for its award-winning products and innovative processes. Celebrated for being America's Best Cold Brew for two consecutive years, Reborn Coffee excels in sourcing and processing coffee beans to ensure the highest quality and sustainability. The company's retail locations and kiosks serve expertly roasted coffee using a patented 'Reborn Wash Process' that enhances natural flavors by mimicking the beans' natural environment. This unique method distinguishes Reborn Coffee from conventional roasters.

Reborn Coffee has formed valuable partnerships, including a notable collaboration with Oh My Green, positioning the company for substantial growth in retail and consumer packaged goods sectors. Recent developments include financial backing from Chairman Farooq Arjomand, which supports strategic initiatives like nationwide online presence enhancement, the launch of high-margin pet products, and expansion into new U.S. and international markets, including China through a partnership with IAID Co., Ltd. The company’s global distribution strategy focuses on maintaining high food safety standards and innovation.

Reborn Coffee's dedication to quality and innovation solidifies its leadership in the specialty coffee market, drawing investor interest and expanding its global footprint, thus providing an exceptional coffee experience worldwide.


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