Coffee Grounds for Lawns - A Sustainable Fertilizer Solution?

Coffee Grounds for Lawns - A Sustainable Fertilizer Solution?

Exploring the benefits and guidelines, experts confirm that used coffee grounds can be a beneficial addition to lawn care due to their rich nitrogen content and other essential nutrients like potassium and phosphorus. These nutrients are crucial for plant growth and help improve overall lawn health. However, moderation is key; overuse can disrupt soil pH levels and potentially harm your lawn. 

Experts like Matthew Koch from Scotts Miracle-Gro and Chrissie Handley from Online Turf agree on the benefits but emphasize the importance of balanced application. Coffee grounds should be used sparingly and ideally mixed with other fertilizers for optimal results. Additionally, adding coffee grounds to compost ensures they decompose properly, providing a balanced nutrient supply.

To apply, sprinkle cooled coffee grounds thinly over a dry lawn and rake them in. Alternatively, incorporate them into compost, then use the enriched compost during lawn aeration and before overseeding for the best results. This method helps seeds germinate and grow deeper roots. For larger lawns, consider sourcing spent grounds from local cafes.

In summary, while coffee grounds can enhance lawn health, they should be part of a broader lawn care strategy, including regular fertilization, patch repair, and weed management.


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