Caffeine-Fueled Love

Caffeine-Fueled Love

This new TikTok series, "Dream Date: A Sip at Love," is a refreshing twist on traditional dating shows. Hosted by comedian Hannah Berner and produced by Caribou Coffee, the series brings together 12 singles from the Twin Cities to see if a caffeine boost can lead to love. The show's premise is simple: each episode features a speed date, where the participants sip on Caribou coffee drinks while getting to know each other. The catch? The dates are kept short and sweet, lasting only three minutes, and the couples must decide if they're a "dreamy match" or a "real pass" by the end of it.

The show's creators are hoping to tap into the Gen Z and millennial demographic, who see coffee shops as a prime spot to meet new people. And with Berner's witty humor and charm, the show is sure to bring the laughs. As Berner herself puts it, she's not afraid to keep her participants on their toes, and her irreverent style adds a fun and lighthearted touch to the show.

One of the most interesting aspects of the show is its focus on showcasing the authenticity of the participants. Unlike other dating shows, "Dream Date" doesn't offer any prizes or incentives for finding romance, aside from the chance to hang out with a rising comedy star. This approach adds a level of realism to the show, making it feel more relatable and endearing to its audience.


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