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The Espresso Martini Comeback: How a '90s Classic Became the Trendiest Drink

As a devoted coffee lover with a taste for cocktails, I was thrilled to witness the recent resurgence of the espresso martini on bar menus and Instagram feeds. This coffee-centric cocktail is having a striking comeback, cementing its status as a modern classic. Come along as we explore the spirited journey of the espresso martini from its origin story to its current reign as today’s trendiest drink.

The Roots of Revival

The Original ‘90s Icon

Our journey begins in the heady 1990s London nightlife scene, where starred bartender Dick Bradsell first crafted the drink that would become a signature of the era. As the legend goes, a young model strolled into his bar requesting a cocktail that would “wake me up, then f**k me up.” Enter Bradsell’s delicious solution - a smooth blend of vodka, sugar syrup, fresh espresso, and coffee liqueur.  Initially dubbed the “Vodka Espresso,” it was later refined and renamed the “espresso martini,” becoming an instant hit. Almost overnight, the espresso martini became the embodiment of ‘90s cocktail culture. But like all trends, its popularity eventually faded...only to be revived for a whole new generation. 

Bradsell’s Legacy

Known as “The Cocktail King,” Dick Bradsell was the pioneer behind several iconic drinks, but none more enduring than his espresso martini creation. While the precise details of its origin remain slightly ambiguous, what’s clear is that Bradsell crafted something that stood the test of time. The espresso martini laid the groundwork to become not just a fad, but a pillar of cocktail culture.

A Taste of Nostalgia 

Why We Crave the ‘90s

There’s no denying the allure of ‘90s nostalgia today, from music to fashion and movies. As the espresso martini rides this wave back into the spotlight? For many, sipping this drink offers a taste of the past — a moment of comfort and familiarity amidst the ever-changing mixology landscape. It reminds us of more carefree times. This feeling of nostalgia has fueled the espresso martini’s popularity along with a broader return to classic cocktails. People are drinking like it’s 1999, and the espresso martini is the perfect throwback choice.

The Espresso Martini Today

By the Numbers 

The data speaks volumes about the espresso martini’s resurgence. Menu analysis shows it’s increased by 164% in prevalence over the last four years, now appearing at around 5% of bars and restaurants in the US. It's been crowned the drink of the summer, especially amidst renewed interest in going out after COVID-19 closures. 

Social Media Spotlight

Scrolling through Instagram, the espresso martini is back in the spotlight, splashed across influencer feeds and stories. For younger demographics, social media has been key in propelling this drink back to popularity. The hashtag #espressomartini receives millions of views showcasing its photogenic qualities.

Anatomy of the Trendsetter

Let’s break down what gives the classic espresso martini its enduring allure:

  • Fresh espresso: The signature base and namesake that provides a bitter edge.
  • Coffee liqueur: Adds depth and enhances the coffee essence. Kahlua is a popular choice. 
  • Vodka: The neutral spirit that allows the coffee to shine.
  • Sugar syrup: Balances bitterness and gives sweetness.
  • Simple, elegant presentation: Served chilled up in a martini glass.

This combo of stimulating espresso and smooth vodka liqueur satisfies a range of palates, making the espresso martini incredibly versatile. It straddles coffee culture and cocktail space, appealing to both groups. The balance of bitter and sweet within a classic martini framework is a winning formula as proven by its continued popularity today.

Modern Twists and Innovations 

The espresso martini also shines for its adaptability. Innovative mixologists have put creative spins on the classic with:

  • Whiskey or tequila instead of vodka
  • Cold brew or iced espresso as the coffee base 
  • Flavored variations like vanilla, matcha, or cinnamon
  • Foams, rims, and gourmet garnishes
  • Addition of smoked flavors or savory touches like thyme

The potential for unique flavor profiles is endless. The most alluring aspect is maintaining the recognizable identity of an espresso martini while introducing novelty.

The Science of Satisfaction

There’s an inherent pleasure in uniting coffee’s pick-me-up with the mellowing effects of alcohol. The espresso martini brings together these contrasting experiences — the sharp stimulation of caffeine working in harmony with the smooth relaxation induced by vodka. This satisfying duo likely contributes to the drink's appeal, offering the best of both worlds. The balancing act keeps you pleasantly alert and unwinds stress, yet without feeling overpowered by either component. It's an invigorating and social experience, perfectly attuned to our sensory desires.

Behind the Bar: Bartenders’ Perspectives 

To get the inside scoop, I picked the minds of some exceptional bartenders about the espresso martini’s revival. They unanimously agree — this beloved classic is having a moment right now. The novelty of reinventing a nostalgic drink while paying homage to its roots makes crafting new takes on the espresso martini incredibly enjoyable. They also noted the importance of quality ingredients and balancing flavors. Espresso, in particular, provides room to showcase specialty beans and roasting styles. Top bartenders aim to draw out the complexity and introduce guests to something familiar yet new.

Cultural Impact and What’s Next

The espresso martini has proven itself more than just a beverage trend. It’s a demonstration of how our tastes are cyclical and how we find new relevance in traditions. The very experience offers nostalgia-seeking customers a portal back in time. Looking ahead, as coffee culture itself continues to evolve, so too will the espresso martini, with new recipes and interpretations. One thing is certain — its iconic status is here to stay. The espresso martini has cemented its place as a crowd-pleasing classic.

Parting Words

This “straight up with a twist” cocktail journey has illustrated why the espresso martini has captured our current fascination. Everything old is new again, and this ‘90s icon has been revived with a contemporary flair. With its rich history and potential for reinvention, I believe the glory days of the espresso martini are still yet to come. I'll certainly be first in line to taste-test new variations. Share your Favorite Espresso Martini Moments! Have you joined in on the espresso martini excitement? If not, join Lux Cafe Club. From nostalgic memories to new riffs you’ve tried, let’s swap stories on the return of this coffee-powered cocktail.

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