Black Blood of the Earth Coffee

Is Black Blood of the Earth Coffee the Strongest Coffee in the World?

If you're a hardcore coffee enthusiast always seeking out the most potent brews, you've likely heard whispers of a mysterious elixir known as Black Blood of the Earth. This isn't your average morning joe - it's an ultra-concentrated cold brew that packs an unbelievable caffeine punch. But is it truly the strongest coffee on the planet? Let's dive in and explore the origins, science, and cult following behind this inky black concoction.

1. Origins of Black Blood of the Earth

Black Blood of the Earth (BBotE) is the brainchild of Phil Broughton, a radiation safety officer at UC Berkeley by day and mad coffee scientist by night. Diagnosed with Type II diabetes, Broughton set out on a quest to create an ultra-strong, low-acid coffee that he could enjoy without added sugar. Drawing inspiration from an elaborate cold brew contraption he saw during a trip to Japan, Broughton began tinkering with his brewing methods using lab equipment. He experimented for over a year, perfecting a cold vacuum extraction process that produced a concentrated coffee with an off-the-chart caffeine content.

The name "Black Blood of the Earth" originated when one of Broughton's friends diluted the concentrate with water and noticed it maintained its inky black color. It conjured up images of the "black blood of the earth" described in the movie Big Trouble in Little China. The name stuck, perfectly capturing the coffee's dark, enigmatic allure.

2. The Science Behind the Strength

What makes Black Blood of the Earth so insanely caffeinated? It all comes down to the unique cold vacuum extraction process Broughton pioneered. Unlike traditional hot brewing methods, cold extraction allows for a much higher coffee-to-water ratio without extracting bitter compounds.

Here's how it works:

  • Coarsely ground coffee is steeped in cold water for a whopping 48-96 hours, allowing the water to fully extract the caffeine and flavor compounds.
  • The coffee mixture is then placed in a vacuum siphon, which lowers the boiling point of water and pulls the concentrate through a filter.
  • This vacuum process extracts even more caffeine and flavor compared to normal cold brewing.

The result is a super-concentrated elixir that contains 40-50 times more caffeine than regular coffee. We're talking a mind-boggling 1000-1500 mg of caffeine per 100 ml. To put that in perspective, a typical 8 oz cup of coffee has around 95 mg of caffeine. Broughton says BBotE's unique profile also comes from carefully selecting the right beans for the cold extraction process. "Finding dark roasts that still have a distinctive flavor beyond charcoal and dirt is no small feat," he explains. He's experimented with hundreds of beans to perfect his offerings.

3. Flavor Profiles: A Dance of Darkness

With a name like Black Blood of the Earth, you might expect this coffee to taste as hardcore as it sounds. But devotees often describe the brew as shockingly smooth, slightly sweet, and lacking bitterness. So what does the world's strongest coffee taste like?

BBotE comes in several varieties featuring beans from different origins. Here are some of the most popular offerings and their flavor notes:

  • Kona Blend: BBotE's "baseline" offering with balanced notes of earth, smoke, chocolate, and butter.
  • Sumatra: Rich and loamy with "flinty" undertones and a hint of smoked salt.
  • Kenya AA: Bursting with the flavor of rich, greasy fudge. Yes, fudge.
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe: Buttery and slightly salty with notes of caramel and a hint of blueberry.
  • DEATH WISH: A Robusta blend for the most daring caffeine fiends, with a wild green grape flavor and licorice notes.

Each variety showcases the unique terroir and processing of the beans, elevated by Broughton's special extraction process. Fans love to mix BBotE with water or even vodka to experience the flavors in different ways.

4. Cult Following - Fueling the Masses

Since its inception, Black Blood of the Earth has attracted a devoted cult following, especially among hackers, programmers, and other people working long hours in mentally demanding fields. BBotE drinkers proudly post photos of their bottles on social media, comparing the intensity of different varieties. A single 750ml bottle of BBotE can fuel a person for weeks or even months, leading fans to treat it as a prized possession.

The coffee's high caffeine content and unique extraction process have also captured the imagination of biohackers and coffee geeks. BBotE has been featured in Wired, the SF Weekly, and even attracted the attention of novelist Warren Ellis, one of Broughton's first international customers. Despite its intensity, fans swear by BBotE's smooth flavor and jitter-free energy boost compared to regular coffee. It's become the secret weapon of tech workers, students, and anyone else who needs to summon superhuman focus and productivity.

5. Consuming with Caution

Broughton is quick to emphasize that the Black Blood of the Earth is meant to be consumed in small quantities. "I normally recommend keeping BBotE consumption below 100ml/day," he advises. A little goes a very long way. Due to BBotE's extremely high caffeine content, it's not for the faint of heart (literally). Pregnant women, children, and people sensitive to caffeine should steer clear. Fans joke about the coffee's "time-bending" effects, but overconsumption can be dangerous. When enjoyed responsibly, however, many BBotE drinkers report clean, focused energy without the jitters and crash of regular coffee. Like any stimulant, moderation is key.

6. The Quest for the World's Strongest Coffee

So back to our original question: Is Black Blood of the Earth the strongest coffee in the world? The answer is a resounding...maybe. With 40-50 times the caffeine of regular coffee, BBotE is undoubtedly one of the most potent brews available to the public. Broughton has pushed the boundaries of cold extraction to the limit. However, caffeine content can vary significantly based on coffee bean varieties, processing, roast level, and brewing methods. Other "world's strongest coffee" contenders like Devil Mountain's Black Label and Biohazard Coffee clock in around 1000-1200 mg of caffeine per 12 oz mug.

What sets BBotE apart is its extraction process and the range of ultra-caffeinated varieties available. It delivers an unparalleled caffeine jolt without the bitterness and acidity. Ultimately, the "world's strongest" designation is a bit of a moving target in the wild world of coffee experimentation. But one thing is certain: Black Blood of the Earth has earned its place in the pantheon of legendary brews. It's a mad scientist's dream turned reality - the platonic ideal of a caffeine injection.

7. Brewing Up the Future

Thirteen years after its inception, Black Blood of the Earth has grown from a diabetic physicist's experiment into a cult sensation. Broughton now produces gallons of the concentrate every day to satisfy demand from BBotE devotees around the world. Despite its growth, BBotE remains a niche product – a secret handshake among caffeine geeks. Much like a peaty single-malt scotch, it's an acquired taste that inspires devotion among its fans. As the specialty coffee world continues to evolve, others will likely attempt to challenge BBotE's caffeine supremacy. But Broughton's unique cold vacuum extraction process and commitment to sourcing exceptional beans will be tough to replicate.

For now, Black Blood of the Earth reigns supreme as the most hardcore of hardcore coffees. It's a testament to the power of curiosity, experimentation, and the eternal quest for the ultimate caffeine delivery mechanism. Broughton has unleashed a monster of a beverage - a slick, obsidian potion that jolts you awake and dares you to take on the world. Approach with caution and reverence, for you are about to experience something profound. This is coffee in its most primal, potent form. Pour a few viscous drops, cut it with water if you must, and prepare to have your mind blown. The Black Blood of the Earth courses through your veins now. You'll never be the same.


Black Blood of the Earth Coffee FAQ

What is Black Blood of the Earth coffee?

Black Blood of the Earth (BBotE) is an ultra-concentrated cold brew coffee created by Funranium Labs. It packs an incredible caffeine punch, containing 40-50 times more caffeine than regular coffee. BBotE is known for its smooth, slightly sweet flavor profile and inky black color. It has developed a cult following among coffee enthusiasts, biohackers, and anyone seeking a serious caffeine boost.

How is Black Blood of the Earth made?

BBotE is crafted using a unique cold vacuum extraction process pioneered by its creator, Phil Broughton. The process involves several key steps:

  1. Coarsely ground coffee is steeped in cold water for an extended period, typically 48-96 hours. This long steeping time allows for maximum extraction of caffeine and flavor compounds.
  2. The concentrated coffee mixture is then placed in a vacuum siphon. The vacuum lowers the boiling point of water, allowing for a gentler extraction process.
  3. As the vacuum pulls the concentrate through a filter, even more caffeine and flavor is extracted compared to traditional cold brewing methods.
  4. The result is a hyper-concentrated coffee essence that is remarkably smooth and flavorful despite its high caffeine content.

Broughton has perfected this process over years of experimentation, testing hundreds of different coffee bean varieties and roast levels to create BBotE's signature blends. The cold vacuum extraction gently draws out nuanced flavors from each bean without extracting bitter compounds, resulting in a coffee concentrate that showcases each variety's unique character.





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