Kona Geisha Champagne

Lux Cafe Club proudly offers the Kona Geisha Champagne from Heavenly Hawaiian, a 100% Kona Coffee that's not just a drink but a legacy. Clinching 1st place at the 2023 Kona Coffee Cultural Festival and the 2022 Hawaii Coffee Association State Competition, this coffee has a cupping score of 94 points as of February 2024. With each sip, you'll discover the symphony of elegance and mastery that is the Geisha Champagne, a pinnacle of coffee artistry celebrated for its unique flavor profile and rich heritage.

Brewing Perfection in Holualoa's Heart

Heavenly Hawaiian: A Kona Coffee Legacy

Nestled on Holualoa's slopes, the Heavenly Hawaiian farm, established in 1994 by Dave & Trudy Bateman, stands as a beacon of Kona's revered coffee tradition. This sanctuary of coffee mastery cultivates, processes, and roasts its distinguished 100% Kona Coffee right in the heart of the Big Island. The farm's crown jewel, the Kona Geisha Champagne coffee, is a marvel of the farm's dedication to quality and the unique volcanic terroir of the Kona Coffee Belt. This region's fertile soil, enriched with essential nutrients, alongside the perfect blend of sunny mornings, mild nights, and nurturing afternoon rains, provides the ideal conditions for coffee cultivation, contributing to the distinct taste that Kona coffee is celebrated for worldwide.

Geisha Champagne: A Symphony of Elegance

The exquisite Geisha Champagne coffee, exclusively produced at the Heavenly Hawaiian Farm, heralds from the distinguished Geisha Arabica lineage, originating from Ethiopia's Gori Gesha forest. Embracing the natural process, beans are sun-dried with their skin intact on the farm's drying decks, enabling the infusion of vibrant fruity and sugary notes. Cultivated at an optimal elevation of around 2,000 feet, this elevation offers the perfect milieu for the Geisha variety to flourish, embodying the rich essence of Kona coffee

Lux Cafe Club- Kona Geisha Champagne
Tasting Profile

The tasting profile of this coffee is a celebration of both complexity and elegance, marked by a champagne-like finish. It boasts a medley of flavors, including the tropical sweetness of strawberry guava, the rich depth of cocoa nibs, the unique citrusy twist of mandarinquat, the comforting warmth of brown sugar, and the nutty notes of hazelnut. Each sip delivers a multifaceted experience that is as luxurious as it is memorable, reflecting the meticulous care and passion infused from farm to cup.


Roast Profile:  Medium

Process: Natural