Guatemala Bella Carmona

Discover the charm of Guatemala Bella Carmona coffee, a gem presented by Lux Cafe Club. With an exceptional rating of 93 in 2023, this coffee is a testament to the enduring craftsmanship of Hacienda Carmona, managed by the fourth-generation coffee maestro, Luis Pedro Zelaya. With over a century of tradition, Bella Carmona is the epitome of consistency and quality, making it the perfect choice for your everyday coffee ritual. 

Where heritage meets harmony

The Essence of Hacienda Carmona

Immersed in the richness of tradition, Hacienda Carmona stands as a beacon of coffee excellence under the guardianship of Luis Pedro Zelaya, a fourth-generation coffee virtuoso. This estate, cradled by the Antigua valley's volcanic might, thrives at lofty altitudes, cherishing its lineage with the cultivation of heritage Typica and Bourbon varietals. The commitment to precision in every facet, from nurturing the plants to the meticulous processing at Bella Vista, showcases the Zelaya family's dedication to their craft. Each cup from Hacienda Carmona is a tribute to over a hundred years of coffee mastery, offering an exquisite taste deeply rooted in the volcanic essence of Hunahpú.

The Journey of  Bella Carmona Coffee

Cherries of Bourbon and Caturra varieties are meticulously depulped, fermented, and washed using time-honored methods. They’re then transferred to raised drying beds within greenhouses, where a controlled environment ensures a slow, even drying process. This rigorous attention to detail continues through to sorting and exporting, guaranteeing the coffee’s quality and traceability. Grown at elevations of 1500-1650 meters in the nutrient-rich volcanic soils of Antigua, Guatemala, this coffee is a treasure to be discovered.

Tasting Profile

Bella Carmona Coffee offers an enchanting journey for the palate, starting with the comforting embrace of apricot and agave, leading to the rich allure of caramel and chocolate. As it unfolds, the cup reveals a deep dark chocolate essence, true to the finest Antigua tradition. The experience is beautifully layered, transitioning to a sweet butter toffee finish as the coffee cools. With its slick, smooth body and juicy acidity, this coffee stands out as a versatile choice, perfect for espresso, pour-over, or press brewing methods. 


Roast Profile:  Light-Medium

Process: Washed